Careers at our Dental Practice


EDDA / Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants assist the dentist in all procedures with efficiency by acting as an extra set of hands, eyes and ears. They are instrumental for the comfort and speed of any dental procedure and are expected to be well trained in the latest dental procedure protocols and continue their education through their career. At Osborn DDS, excellent dental assistants can make a very competitive hourly rate and Expanded Duty Dental Assistants are trained to perform some Dental Procedures!

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Front Desk /Administrator

Front Desk and Administrator roles here are sometimes described as some of the most challenging and rewarding careers available in our dental practice. As our Front Desk Administrator, not only are you the face and voice of the entire business, you’re also a wiz at helping every client with their financial needs. Your job is important and expectations for impeccable customer service and financial tact are extremely high. An excellent knowledge of dental insurance and superior customer service skills would make you an amazing candidate for this essential position!

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Hygienists are the front line in our battle against tooth decay and tooth loss. These essential employees are highly trained to diagnose problems with oral hygiene and work very closely with the doctor to stop any problems before they get out of hand. Not only do good Hygienists clean your teeth thoroughly, they recommend hygiene procedures and products, work with the doctor to diagnose issues using digital x-rays, and some are even trained to administer anesthesia and to use state-of-the-art lasers to destroy bacterial infections that lie unseen in a client’s mouth. Candidates for these positions are highly trained experts and make a very competitive wage and bonuses.

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Associate Dentist

We’re always growing and our candidates for an Associate Dentist need to be high energy and upbeat. We want a candidate that has extensive training in orthodontics to add to our already impressive list of dental services that are available for our client families. This is a big deal, and for a young dentist, could be the start of an amazing career at a premier dental practice!

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