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Chronic dry mouth is a recognized medical condition where you experience a significant decrease in saliva production on a regular basis. This can have a significant impact on your oral health, as saliva helps to wash away food particles and bacteria after eating.

Even if you’ve learned to live with chronic dry mouth, Dr. Angela M. Osborn encourages patients to investigate the source. This can often help improve your treatment options and improve overall oral health.

Many prescription medications cause dry mouth as a common side effect. In a situation like this, you should talk to your physician about your options. While it’s important to keep taking your medication, there are a few daily habits that might help reduce the problem. This could be as simple as sipping water frequently throughout the day, chewing sugar-free gum, and reducing salt intake in your diet. In some cases, your physician might prescribe artificial supplemental saliva drops. 

Regular tobacco use and alcohol consumption can also dehydrate you and impair the natural activity of your saliva glands. In addition, some types of oral and pharyngeal cancer can cause reduced saliva production. If you notice dry mouth associated with swelling in your mouth, neck or throat, you should seek medical attention to confirm the diagnosis and start a treatment plan.

If you would like help identifying the cause of your chronic dry mouth issues, we invite you to call our team at the office of Angela M. Osborn, DDS in Lone Tree, Colorado. Together we can help you determine the cause and treatment chronic dry mouth, and help restore your confident, healthy smile!