Perfect Your Smile with Dental Veneers

The world of cosmetic dentistry has a ton of different options for those looking to make a change to their smile. Whether you have chips and cracks that need to be fixed, or you have deep enamel stains that you’d like covered up, the good news is that there’s a... Read more »

Can the Color of Your Tongue Mean Something?

You’ve probably seen them on social media, or you might have a picture of a musician playing the guitar with his or her tongue hanging out. Pictures of this nature have become increasingly popular, and if a baby or young child is nearby, it may be almost impossible not to... Read more »

Why You Need to Floss

If you enjoy dealing with dental problems, like cavities or gum disease, then you can go ahead and skip this post. If you don’t enjoy those health problems, though, then keep on reading. We know that oral health issues aren’t fun to deal with, and that's why we want to... Read more »

Replacing Compromised Tooth Enamel with a Dental Crown

Your teeth are covered by a protective tooth enamel layer that helps your teeth to stay durable and hard. However, if you should receive a blow to the face or experience a fall, you may develop a tooth fracture as a result. This can also occur if you have an... Read more »

Our Gum Disease Treatments are Easy and Effective

At the office of Angela M. Osborn, DDS, PC, our dental team works hard to supplement your daily oral hygiene efforts. Our goal is to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease by offering routine dental cleanings and exams to help us prevent, detect and treat any oral issues that... Read more »

The Importance of Addressing Dry Mouth

One of the most underestimated dental conditions is dry mouth, which can cause complications such as difficulty talking and swallowing. We encourage you to take dry mouth seriously to protect your oral health, and we have provided further information about the condition. Initially, dry mouth may not seem like a... Read more »

A Thrush Infection in the Mouth Needs Professional Diagnosis

The mouth and throat rely on a variety of physical structures and tissues to provide you with the basic ability to speak, chew and swallow. These structures also play host to a diverse population of microbes. When they are in balance oral bacteria effectively prevent yeast and other microbes from... Read more »

Hyperdontia: Having Too Many Teeth

In normal circumstances, the number of teeth you will develop growing up is 20 primary teeth as a child (baby teeth) and 32 permanent/adult teeth. They first appear around 6 months of age and start to come out at or around 6 years. The last baby tooth, a cuspid or... Read more »

Emergency Dental Care

When you have a dental emergency, it’s important to know exactly what you need to do in order to minimize long-term damage. From small cracks or chips in teeth to knocked-out teeth, holes in your lips or tongue, and other problems, there’s no shortage of possible dental emergencies. Today, we’re... Read more »

Must Know Information Regarding Your Teeth

Follow our ongoing series on oral health education! In this round, we are looking at the anatomy of a tooth. Read on, and marvel at the miracle of your tremendous teeth! If you didn’t know it, as an adult you will have 32 teeth—including your wisdom teeth. The function of... Read more »