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A cavity is a small area of tooth decay that occurs when the bacteria in your mouth use residual food particles and sugars to exploit an area of tooth enamel. If you notice a change in texture, sensitivity or pain in a tooth, you shouldn’t delay in setting up an appointment to have it addressed. Left ignored the cavity could become a serious problem. However, diagnosed early, Dr. Angela Osborn is more than happy to repair the cavity by applying a composite dental filling.

First, Dr. Angela Osborn will conduct a thorough examination of the tooth to determine the extent of the decay. Then, she will numb the tooth and surrounding gums and carefully remove any areas of decayed enamel. Finally, Dr. Angela Osborn will shape the filling material– made from a combination of resins and hard plastics–to repair the damage to your tooth and then cure it with a bright light. Once finished, the new filling will look like your natural tooth and your tooth will blend into the rest of your smile seamlessly!

If you suspect you might be developing a cavity on one of your teeth, please call our team in Lone Tree, Colorado at 303-799-9993 today. We are excited to help you achieve a healthy beautiful smile!