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What if someone hired you to clean up after someone, drive them around, pay for their meals, and nurse them back to health when ill? What would happen if your employer told you there is no pay; you do all that for $0 dollars. Albeit rewarding, motherhood is no easy job. Being mothers ourselves, your dentists in Lone Tree, Colorado will advise you what to do for Mother’s Day.

A Renewed Smile for Mother’s Day
Whether you are a mom or not, all can understand and appreciate everything our parents did for us, regardless of the manner in which it was done. Let’s talk about our Mother’s Day dentistry gift certificates to give back to the woman who gave us so much — life.


What to do for Mother’s Day?

  • Option #1:
    Mother’s Day promotion – Botox (Get 10% off treatment)
    With this safe, certified service at our Lone Tree office, your mom will look 10 years younger!


  • Option #2:
    Help keep that smile alive with Cosmetic Dentistry treatments: Invisalign to straighten teeth and close gaps; functional & aesthetically harmonious veneers; or bring back luster to that smile with professional teeth whitening.

Osborn-ebook-preview.pngNot sure if a gift certificate for cosmetic dentistry is what mom needs/wants? Download our free eBook to learn about the possibilities for her smile and self-esteem.






For Mother’s Day, you want to give mom a gift that will make her want to smile about for a long time. That way she feels good (and thinks of you) everytime she bears that renewed smile she adores 😉

Now you know what to do for Mother’s Day this year in Lone Tree, Colorado. Visit our office to take advantage of our Mother’s Day dentistry gift certificates and 10% off promotion. We have other personalized cosmetic treatments for mom’s unique dental needs and circumstances.

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Dr. Angela Osborn and dental team in Lone Tree, Colorado.