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If you were to look at the surface of your tooth enamel under a microscope, you would see a plethora of tiny pores and textured grooves. When you consume dark foods and beverages, microscopic dark particles can become trapped in these areas. If these minor surface stains are not removed daily, they can build up and slowly penetrate deeper into your teeth. One way to clear minor surface stains and maintain your lustrous smile is to use whitening strips.

A smile that has been stained by dark foods and beverages, tobacco use or the general passage of time can leave you feeling self-conscious. Many people in a situation like this reach out to Dr. Angela Osborn to understand their options for whitening their smile. One way to brighten minor surface stains is to use whitening strips.

The topical form of hydrogen peroxide in the strips can effectively counteract minor surface stains. The clear, plastic strips also make it hard for the casual observer to notice you’re wearing them. Just be sure to avoid eating or drinking while you’re wearing the strips.

The net effect will help maintain your bright, white smile between regular dental checkup and cleaning appointments. This will save you from having to have whitening treatments performed frequently.

At the same time, it might be a good idea to think about certain dark foods and drinks that cause staining problems. Cutting back on these foods or drinking dark beverages through a straw can go a long way toward preventing a stained smile again.

If the teeth in your smile are deeply stained, only your dentist’s dental bleaching treatment can fully remove the stains. The professional techniques and potent whitening agents she uses are the safest and most effective way to whiten your smile.

If you are struggling with a stained smile and you’re interested in a whitening treatment in Lone Tree, Colorado, you should call 303-799-9993 to schedule a whitening consultation at Angela M. Osborn, DDS, PC.